A Cry for Help

Posted On: 01.15.10

let's help haiti

It is 6:21am EST. Husband, Toddler, and I have been up all night. No, not partying. Vomiting. All three of us. Sorry for the lovely visual. Yes, it seems that another vicious wave of illness has washed over our family’s shore. Currently, Husband, the latest vomit victim, is curled up on the couch fast asleep. Toddler sits at his feet watching Sponge Bob, waiting for it to end so she can savor her rationed three sips of water. Baby is still asleep in her crib. We will wait and see how she fares.

And I sit here. Barely on the other side, squinting into a bright screen in a dark room.

I wasn’t going to blog today. Frankly, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Frankly, the last several days of my life have been rotten and I am spent. Frankly, when there are natural disasters of epic proportions transpiring in our world, it seems kind of frivolous to spin silly words and whine about lost phones and allergic reactions and vomit.

But then. After fetching Toddler her latest bit of water between cartoons, I opened Laptop. I heard that friendly tweet. An itty-bitty cry for my attention. And, it turns out, my help.

Danielle LaPorte and Kelly Diels wrote me (and presumably many others) tweets imploring me to participate in Kelly’s Help Haiti Blog Challenge. On her site yesterday, Kelly wrote a wonderful post and encouraged all of us bloggers to help with the efforts in any way we can. For those of us who offer products or services, she suggested we sell those and donate the funds to certain charities.


But I don’t sell things. (Yet.) Or offer services. No.

I tell stories and ask questions. I weave words. I wax silly and serious. That’s what I do.

So, I gave it a little thought. And this is what I will do: I will donate two dollars to the Red Cross for every single comment left on this post between now and 6:21am EST on Monday January, 18th, 2010. I know that some of you are usually not inclined to comment. But please make an exception just this once. I would love to hear about any of the following:

  • How you are able to go about your day-to-day when there are massive world crises unfolding
  • What you tell curious children about these disasters
  • Whether you tend to seek out every devastating detail about these events, or avoid them
  • Whether your family has been sick a lot too this season
  • Anything.
  • If you are busy or overwhelmed, just type two worlds. Help Haiti. Two words for two dollars? Not bad.

If you are a blogger (and even if you aren’t), please click over to Kelly’s site to read details about how you too can join in this important endeavor.

Okay, Yo Gabba Gabba is over. I have some water to grab for a certain ashen Toddler. Baby is calling for me. It is high time to curl up on a comfy couch with my ailing family, relish the good fortune of smaller problems, and wait for your words – and help – to pour in.


Again, please leave a comment here in the next seventy-two-ish hours to help Haiti. Each reader can leave up to one comment per day, or a maximum of three comments before Monday’s deadline. I will pop into the comment box at least once per day to announce how much money has been raised and reveal the total amount on Monday. Thank you.


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151 Comments for: "A Cry for Help"
  1. Niki

    Help Haiti!!!

    I tend to be the person who avoids details, really only doing my usual NPR listening in the morning and my general browsing of the local paper in the morning. I haven’t caught the television news in days, although it’s no excuse.

    I’m head in the sanding myself. Although I am very pleased that my home county, Fairfax County has sent a large rescue team. That makes me happy.

    But I will say, up yours Pat Robertson. You are full of bologna!!!

  2. Definitely, HELP HAITI!

    I tend to be unlike the previous Niki. I search out details. I watch 24 hour cable news til I have all the minutia of what is going on. Then, I write. I write to friends and family. I write a blog for the local paper. I write for my blog.

    I am still trying to formulate writing about this particular crisis as I just cannot believe some of what has been said about it. Pat Robertson’s words are just hateful and, as Arianna Huffington put it, he is giving religion a bad name.

  3. A few things….
    ~I’m so sorry you guys have another round of the plague. Really – that’s just awful. We have never (knock on wood) and any vomiting type sickness here, but I know it’ll come, and I can’t fathom it.
    ~What a wonderful idea.
    ~I don’t know what to say about the crisis, so I don’t. I fear I don’t have enough compassion, but I’m trying. Every time something like this happens I want to run and hide under the covers and cry. But that’s not all that feasible.
    ~I’m rambling, and don’t know where I’m going… so hope your family feels better VERY soon!

  4. Aidan – Speaks volumes about you that amidst illness and all the mayhem it brings with it, you are reaching out to those worse off.

    While I can’t bear these things happening to anyone, it’s the children my heart bleeds for the most. It’s the ones who are too young to understand a disaster of epic proportions; too young to understand the potential cruelty of Mother Nature; too young to understand anything other than the fact that they are cold, hungry, thirsty, and afraid.

    Thanks for conducting this effort.

  5. What a wonderful idea. When things like this happen in the world, I tend to avoid all press for a few days, and then inexplicably cry about a week later. I also tend to think of specific people. I knew a guy in grad school from Haiti. I keep thinking of him, wondering if he has family there, wondering if all his favorite childhood places have been crushes. I think about this, and it leaves me cold.

  6. Peyton

    Help Haiti.

    It actually took me a day or so to hear about the earthquake–I think one of my facebook friends mentioned it on Wednesday, but I was rather oblivious before that. I’ve done some skimming, but am not looking for many details (sadly, too many things going on in my immediate vicinity for me to poke my head outside my cubicle much this week). A friend of mine is getting deployed to Haiti on Sunday, though.

    Good luck with the flu-ish-ness. Many hugs to your family!

  7. I am so sorry about the horrible few days. Really sorry. I hope the sun comes out this weekend.

  8. Liz

    Help Haiti!! I think that a major disaster like this is almost impossible to fathom unless it happens directly to you. The closest thing that I can relate it too is 9/11 but I wasn’t even close to that disaster when it happened and didn’t know anyone who was lost either. The only thing I can do is try to imagine how devasting this disaster is and help as much as I can. Thanks Aidan for doing this. Hope you and the family start to feel better very soon!!

  9. hope everone is on the mend soon.

  10. Oh boy, the dreaded Rotavirus. It rears its ugly head in our house at least twice a year. So contagious and so miserable. ((hugs))

    I read the articles about big disasters like Haiti, but I avoid television and pictures, because looking at them is almost too much to bear.

    Help Haiti! xoxo

  11. My kids aren’t aware what is going on, and I am ok with that! Hope you and your family feel better soon!

  12. Amy

    I am sorry that you and your family are still sick. It’s not fun…at all. Despite feeling miserable, I’m so glad we’re all still reaching out and helping as much as we can – since I do think we are all much better off right now than everybody in Haiti and in various parts of the world.

    My consulting firm is also matching donations for what every employee donates which is amazing. Thank you for helping as well. 🙂 It’s amazing to see the world pull together in times like this…

  13. Help Haiti.

    I heard about the earthquake via online news sites and was able to donate to the Red Cross after finding information on Twitter. It really is a fantastic and timely tool, that Twitter.

    What a wonderful thing for you to do, especially in the midst of your family’s own turmoil. I hope you all feel better sooner rather than later.

  14. doccarrie

    Yes I will help you help haiti.

    disasters of such proportion make me thankful for what we have and make all the whining about taxes seem ridiculous. Haiti needed our assistance before this, and now, they will be desperate.

    As a physician, I fear what is to come. Many people may have perished in the rubble, but now, more will die as a result of devastating and PREVENTABLE illness. How tragic.

    In my imaginary life with no ties that bind me, I would hop on a plane to give of myself. Help provide medical care to those truly in need. What an amazing experience that would be. But I am grounded in my reality, so instead, I will find small ways to help from my laptop.

  15. Whitney

    Help Haiti.

    Sometimes I think I’m a pretty horrible person because if something terrible happens that hits close to home (like the Fort Hood incident, which is only about 2 hours from my home town), I search and search to know every detail. But, when it doesn’t hit so close to home, like in Haiti, I tend to avoid it. As though those people are not experiencing the same tragedy there that they would have here…as though because I don’t know them or know anyone there, it’s not really happening and it isn’t so bad. I know it’s bad. I do. I just don’t know what to do. It feels like there’s nothing tangible I can do to really and truly make a difference, and if that’s the case, why bury myself in it. But there is something I can do. I can do this. I can help others who feel like they can do something tangible. I can comment on a blog and have that person donate money as a result. That’s pretty good.

    And, my faith tells me there is something else I can do. Something I really must do. I must pray. I have to pray for these people to have God’s protection and comfort at this time of tragedy and fear, of suffering and confusion and chaos. “Why haven’t I done this until now?” I ask myself. Laziness. Selfishness. Business. Fear. Sadness. But I will now. I’ll pray for these people…for safety for those still alive; for those who can’t find their loved ones; for wisdom, comfort, and peace for the survivors. And I may never know if anyone there felt my prayers coming for them all the way from middle-of-nowhere Wyoming; but, I have to have faith that they might…someone might…somewhere.

  16. Briana

    I read your blog daily but never comment – today, due to your generous plea for help, I will make an exception.

    Last night we received news that a very loved young woman was lost in Haiti. My dear friend Molly Hightower’s body was recovered from the orphanage where she has spent the last 7 months working. While I know she is in a better place now, losing someone so incredible – and only 22 years old – is always tragic.

    These natural disasters are always hard for me – I feel so helpless, yet also detached from the pain and suffering, because Seattle is rarely at the center of such tragedy and devastation. But this time – knowing someone personally who was not only affected, but who isn’t making it back alive…well, it changes it for me.

    For everyone out there who prays, keep it up. And for those of you who can donate your time and money to help, please do. Aidan, thank you for posting this – and I hope your family gets well. And thank you to Kelly Diels as well – what a fabulous idea.


  17. What a nice gesture. No one in my family has been sick this season (luckily – knock on wood – famous last words). But I have a friend who lives in Las Vegas, and her entire family has been on-again-off-again sick for MONTHS. Why? They had a terrible scorpion infestation in their house this summer (awful – scorpions falling through the ceiling in the middle of the night), and after having it sprayed and sprayed, they’ve all been nothing but sick. She’s worried.

  18. Throwing up is really the worst thing…I can’t imagine your whole family is going through it right now. Hope you all feel better soon!

    I guess I try to avoid it. The more removed I am from the tragedies of life, the more at peace. It seems selfish, and I never really thought about what I was doing–but yes, it seems as though I have the out of sight, out of mind mentality. Which is quite horrible…and I never actually knew what I was doing! You know what, I’m going to get out into cyber space right now & educate myself on this situation much more!

  19. Felipe

    Thank you for doing this.

    Help Haiti.

  20. Help Haiti! How generous and thoughtful of you, especially when you are not feeling well. I hope you and your precious family are on the mend soon!

  21. I last spent time in Haiti in 2002- and my mind keeps replaying a slow, grainy reel of mental images of the shacks, tin roofs, dusty roads and the beautiful, amazing children. Their smiles light up the sun, their laughter and their amazement at the smallest things is cause enough to celebrate each new day.

    Thank you for doing what you can to Help Haiti. If each one of us places our drop in the bucket, soon it will overflow.

  22. What a great idea – thanks for doing this.

  23. What a lovely idea. I am happy to comment so I can contribute some money to Haiti. Thanks! I have been watching the news, but not really absorbing the mass destruction and all the lives that have been affected by this disaster. It all seems so far away, so thanks for bridging the gap and doing something about it.

  24. Allysa

    I’m sure this won’t appease the minister of guilt (an MP in the parliament of my head) but maybe it will help.

  25. Jessica

    I think what’s happening in Haiti is unimaginable. I feel far removed from it all, so it’s hard to wrap my head around the devestation. I just hope my own friends and family will never experience this kind of horror. In the meantime, I’ll try to do my part– whether it’s a $10 text or a $2 comment. Great idea, Aidan!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  26. Hey Aidan, I was compelled to write about Haiti the other night and I’ve been looking at others blogs (especially personal development blogs which I thought for sure would) but have found no one else has said anything about Haiti. It’s such a big opportunity to affirm the basic good in humanity; to be there for others who need help. And there are those among us who don’t think twice about jumping to help. I know firsthand as I’m surrounded by activists and philanthropists. (But it doesn’t take much to remember I’m living in a bubble.)

    But it seems I lose my readers everytime I do activist-type call-to-action posts. Glad to see you’re getting many more comments on yours.

    I’ll head on over to Kelly Diels’ post for inspiration. And thank you for helping Haiti. Hope you feel better soon.

  27. Thanks Aidan! I wrote a post about this on my blog and also will donate the $ from all Initial nutrition sessions booked to Haiti. Your readers should be aware there seem to be a few Haiti scams circulating (UPS is one of them).

    As far as your family and the vomit. Maybe you should recheck those expiration dates and rethink bologna, just a thought.

  28. AGB

    So sad to hear about you and H & T! 🙁 Hoping you’re better today! We’re dealing with our own little sick one, too — I dont think I’ve left the house since Monday.

    Help Haiti!

  29. One thing that has struck me about this disaster: My friend Rick teaches classes on emergency preparedness. He teaches people how to survive in the first 72 hours after a disaster strikes (be it natural or man-made). He teaches how to prioritize your needs, take care of yourself first, then your family, then your community etc. It’s wonderful that so many doctors and nurses and relief workers are willing to go to disaster sites after the fact. I’m curious if teams of people like Rick could visit areas given to earthquakes and hurricanes in between disasters and teach people how to survive until emergency services make it to them. I think this would be especially helpful in areas where there just isn’t government infrastructure to deal with these calamities.

  30. This is a fantastic idea. Thank you for using your gifts to give to others.

  31. You are an amazing woman. Sick mom is bad, but sick husband and kids make it that much worse. We had this illness a few months ago, with amazingly prolific diarrhea to top it off. I’m still finding dried vomit in places I didn’t think we’d hurled it. Underneath the crib, really?

    I shy away from most news. Just reading the paper makes me cry. My little guy wants to give a $10 bill to every panhandler he sees. I tell him about our charitable donations, but he always wants to do more.

    So, thank you for doing more. I really look up to you, Aidan. Feel better soon!

  32. Stacy F.S. Weitzner

    I have a daughter named Aidan, and thought she might be one of the first females to carry that name into womanhood.

    Then I luck into you via Danielle LaPorte.

    I’ll be grateful if my Aidan carries with her the quality of compassion-in-action you carry here.

    Bless you and your family!

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  34. I’ve been trying to figure out how to empower my children to feel as if they can make a difference as well. My eight year old and I are going to sit down today and talk about it, see what she comes up with. Often, she has way better ideas than I do.

  35. Mark

    Hope you and your family feel better soon. Thanks for your donation.

  36. Feel better, Aidan.

    When reading the news about Haiti – just as I did when hearing the details of the shootings at Fort Hood – I felt very lucky that my own children are still safe in the cocoon of our home. I can protect them from the details I am still not ready – and not able – to explain.

  37. Much loving kindness to you for your generosity. Hoping you feel better soon.

  38. Help Haiti!!

    I too, am contemplating what I have to offer for the Help Haiti Blog Challenge, as I currently do not sell things, or offer services (yet).

    This is a wonderful idea, and bless your heart.

  39. Nazima Ali

    When I saw Kelly’s tweet yesterday I was contemplating how I could help since I don’t have a blog. I’ve donated myself but this is a wonderful idea and thank you for doing this. I can’t sit there watching every gory detail of what’s happening to Haitians as it makes my heart ache. I want to go there and help in person – but how? I’m not in the medical field so all I can do is send positive vibes that they get through this and become stronger as a country and people for having gone through this.


  40. Kara

    Help Haiti….

    I keep my head in the sand, nose to the grindstone…pray as often as I can…

    Feel better.

  41. Help Haiti! Plus, I really hope you all feel better soon. I’m just starting my stomach bug descent.. ugh.

    In times like this, I give what I can, I gather those I love near, and I count my blessings. It helps.

  42. elizabeth r.

    Hi aidan, benjamin’s mom here (rockin’ with andy days), I don’t frequent the internet much but I am glad I caught your post today. Hope you and your family are feeling better, we have luckily managed to steer clear of sickness this season (blasted, I think i just jinxed myself). oh well, the donation is well worth it!
    All my best,

  43. Kreddy

    Help Haiti! Hope your family gets better soon.

  44. Help Haiti! What a wonderful idea to do this. xo

  45. I also hope you guys feel better soon. And I also wondered what I could do after reading Kelly’s idea. I donated a small sum to the Red Cross a couple days ago but of course wish I could do more. I wish I could do something to get more directly involved, but…I don’t know. Perhaps start boxing up some clothes and books and shoes to send after the immediate crisis? This is a wonderful idea, what you’re doing.

  46. Jocelyn

    Sending my best to all those affected by the earthquake.

    Thanks for making a contribution to the relief efforts!

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  48. Wonderful. All it takes is a small amount from each of us, to add up to so much good.

  49. Emily

    Help Haiti!

    I try not to listen to the news. It’s a selfish response. Every time they talk about the children I cry, and I really don’t want to cry. It doesn’t help that the tears themselves are selfish. The tears are likely not about the poor babies and mommies in Haiti –a truly sad and tear-worthy event– but are likely for my sweet, healthy baby who spends her days at school instead of with me. The tears makes me feel guilty and self-centered. So to avoid feeling selfish, I selfishly ignore the news. How egocentric is that?!

  50. erin

    help haiti! what a generous gift.
    hope you feel better!

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  52. sasha

    i don’t watch the news so i didn’t know much about it until last night when i finally watched it. it was so sad. and our media is too much- they show things that they don’t need to show.

    i wanted to hug those sweet little children and bring them home with me and take care of them.

    i’m a teacher and so far my 7 and 8 year olds haven’t said anything about it, so i haven’t had to decide how to talk to them about it.

    what i do is pray for them….the people, the land, the helpers, etc. it’s best to stay positive and hopeful, send them positive energy and prayers.


  53. Sarah E

    A little sure can go a long way… And the amount of scrolling to the bottom is a good sign!!

  54. I’ve managed to avoid a lot of the hard numbers and facts surrounding Haiti. Kelly and Danielle are friends of mine so when Kelly petitioned me to help, I leapt on board.

    Every little bit helps. <3

  55. Jeannine L.

    sending love, prayers and healing energy

  56. C

    help haiti!

    hope you guys are hanging in there

  57. KS Ks

    Great idea – they really need the help in Haiti & it’s generous of you to help them out.

  58. Maria

    Help Haiti

    My prayers are with you.

  59. Thank you Aidan for all you are doing to help Haiti!

    (PS: Sorry you and the fam are sick <3)

  60. Brenda

    Help Haiti

    I’m one of your readers that doesn’t usually leave comments. I think sometimes we get information overload during times of crisis and that it overwhelming.

    I had the joy of having bronchitis for the whole month of October.

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  62. Before kids I used to sit glued to the TV, couldn’t get enough information, hating watching it but not being able to stop. But now, I can’t. I can’t watch. I can’t look. I can’t FATHOM. And I’m not ready to have to explain tragedy at this level to Hannah. I’m not ready for her to know that this kind of devastation can occur. So I don’t talk about it. I avoid it where I can.

    But I’m thinking about it constantly. And I love that you’re doing something to help. Thank you.

  63. Help Haiti! This is a brilliant and generous idea, so much so that I will have to imitate.

  64. Aidan Donnelley Rowley

    We have raised $144 so far… I am confident this number will climb in the next two days. Thank you all for your words and support. Time to call it a night. Fingers are crossed that all of us chez Rowley wake up feeling 100%. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

    (And, yes, I will even donate $2 for my own comments, so now we are up to $146.)

    Keep your words coming. This matters.

  65. mika

    Help Haiti.

    I think this is so amazing of you (and all of your fans) to do this. My best friend is from Haiti and her dad & his side of the family have lost EVERYTHING. One member was literally stuck in a hole in what used to be his house because his house split in two.

    I’ve secretly been following your blog for a couple of months now but never actually left a comment because, well I don’t really know. Some how I’m secretly paranoid that I might actually run into you in the city and you’d find out it was me commenting. But! this is a reason to comment!

  66. Meredith

    help haiti

  67. WOW! The power of words and the invitation to evoke change. Simply beautiful.

  68. Mike Korner

    Thank you for doing this Aidan.

    I hope others will also help Haiti.

  69. Jenny

    I just visited Haiti for the first time in November. It is a beautiful country. This is a great thing you are doing.

  70. Mary

    I work as a 911 dispatcher and I’m a lot closer to disasters than the average person. I have learned to detach myself because that is my way of protecting myself but its usually not that effective. No caring human being can detach themselves from another person’s suffering. Regarding tragedies and disasters, whether at work, or on a global level such as this Haiti event, or Katrina, 9/11, etc. I do okay until I make a personal attachment. Sometimes its a name, or a picture or something crazy like seeing the search dogs looking for bodies. Then it becomes personal.

    Help Haiti.

    This is the first time I’ve responded to a blog because I always felt too “shy”! Now you may not be able to shut me up!

  71. ajc

    you have an excellent blog! keep up the good work.

  72. I am sorry about the sickness, love! We are lucky to have avoided all the major ones here. (I am not sure how my little guy would have held up otherwise!)

    I have linked back to your site on my blog, so I am hoping more people come over!!

    Help Haiti!!

  73. Hope you feel better soon.

  74. Help Haiti.

    I avoid it. I support the angels on earth with the soul and stomach to go and do because I? I cannot.

  75. Elizabeth

    Help Haiti!

  76. Juli

    Help Haiti! God bless you for what you’re doing. And get well soon!

  77. Lisa

    Thanks for helping us all help Haiti. It’s so distant and yet, so close. Reading others’ comments shows there are many ways to help. Prayer. Donations (props to employers like mine matching employees’ contributions). And, for the heroic, serving in person.

    I stumbled onto your blog a month or two ago and have made a point to read it ever since. Your words inspire, enlighten, and entertain.

    Hope you and your family feel better soon!

  78. Janet

    Such a fantastic idea! Help Haiti! Hope you all are feeling well today.

  79. Help Haiti and Thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you!
    Good questions you posed in this post.

  80. Tosh

    Help Haiti.

    Feel better Aidan, Husband, Toddler (and Baby??)

    Good work here.

    Very hard to comprehend the entirety of the devastation.

  81. san

    Thanks for participating in the Help Haiti Blog Challenge. I came over from Kelly’s website.

  82. Ash

    Get better soon!

  83. Katherine Smith

    I’m not sure how we cope as individuals in the face of tragedy, except to say that with the economy in such poor shape Haiti is a distraction from job loss and job loss a distraction from Haiti– not that the two are equal in terms of scope of suffering.

  84. I’m back for day 2 of my comment 🙂

    & now that I’m aware of the extent of Haiti’s tragedy…wow! all I can say is HELP HAITI!!

  85. Help Haiti!

    I think this is a lovely thing you are doing, I really admire it!

  86. Athena

    Thank you so very much for helping Haiti.

    I’ve been laid off for one year now (today!), and I gave what I could to Doctors Without Borders.

    My ‘situation’ pales in comparison to what the people are experiencing there now.

    Even if you think you don’t have anything, you do.

    Thanks again.

  87. Help Haiti! Thank you so much for doing this.

  88. Aidan Donnelley Rowley

    With this comment, we are up to $202! Yay! Thank you all for stopping by and offering your support. Tomorrow is going to be another good day; I can feel it. Night night.

    PS – Go see Up In The Air. Good movie. And George is not hideous.

  89. In the past two weeks I’ve gotten over a weeks worth of bronchitis and then had a nasty four day withdrawal coming off of Prednisone directly without tapering (I blame the docs that said it wasn’t necessary when there’s lots of evidence to the contrary). I’m lucky I wasn’t seeing pink unicorns as temporary psychosis is common. My daughter has been ill and hospitalized this past week, so yeah, illness has hit our house and it sucks!!!!

    I have been keeping tabs on Haiti, and we have donated, but keeping my own child on the right side of recovery is my job right now. And that’s hard to do when you’re not 100%. I can’t imagine how you all are coping at this time. I think you need some family to step in and take care of you all!

  90. Help Haiti. Good for you, Aidan. I’ve been avoiding the news like the plague. We’ve donated to the Red Cross and I’ve got links up on my blog, but it’s too devastating to watch. I hate that people are suffering so much. When you see destruction like that, it puts your own problems into perspective.

    Blessings to you and your family, and I hope you’re all feeling better soon.

  91. I’ve not been feeling up to snuff lately either. Something is going around in the house but luckily my 2 yr old is the only one who hasn’t gotten it. Though he has been watching a crazy amount of TV while I’ve been trying to rest.

    In regards to the “details” I tend to avoid it I guess. I really didn’t watch or read any news on the Earthquake until maybe Thurs. I think something in my Twitterstream finally made me “tune in”. Or it could have been trying to track the “Pat Robertson” issue. Anywho I too plan on participating in the Help Haiti Blog challenge and I think what you’re doing is great.

  92. You are one amazing momma!

    I can never stop at just two words… Help Haiti… those are certainly two good words.

    I will say that I have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds for the month of January from the sale of my jewelry at the local gallery that I show my work at. I am dropping off about 60 new pieces there tomorrow.

    If it doesn’t seem like enough, I plan to extend it or match it or something. My church has sent groups of students down there twice in the past decade for their yearly service trips. We will be doing collections for Catholic Relief services.

    Thank you for doing what you can to help Aidan. A really brilliant twist I think.

  93. Cari

    Thank you so much for your kind efforts and actions. Every donation counts and you are helping many in need.

    Help Haiti.

  94. I am so moved that we are all coming together to do what we can to help Haiti. Thank you for making this happen. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  95. How wonderful of you to do this. It’s heartwarming when people who can, do. Keep up the good work.

  96. Help Haiti.

    Aidan, what a wonderful gift you are giving. I try to avoid much of the news about what is going on. Not that I don’t care (because I do care), really because the news saddens me. It is difficult to see the suffering….

    You are doing so much good in the world…

  97. What a great idea!!!!
    I have recently started my own charity activity (launching team building activities at work where people go and donate their time to local charities) and it was approved by management. We also sell used books at work and next week’s sale is for Haiti.

    My kids are too small yet and don’t ask any questions (as they do not watch tv). I do tell them though that there are poor people, people who live in a crisis all around the world etc. and that they should be thankful every day and be watchful of what they have.

    Thanks for this. Ever word and dollar helps.

  98. Amanda

    Help Haiti.

    I tend to avoid hearing about disasters like this. Because It makes me so sad to listen to the horrors these people are going through. And incredibly guilty for not doing more to help, for everything I have.

    I have siblings that write to children in an orphanage in Haiti. The orphanage was destroyed, and thank God, the children are alright. But I can’t help but worry because now, they have no home, they already had no family, and because of the quake, the missionaries that were on their way there from our church were unable to make it. They’re all but helpless.

    So the only thing I feel I can do is pray for them. And of course, comment here and now.

  99. Melissa

    Help Haiti!

    I don’t normally want to read or see all of the details of natural disasters or various conflicts (even having worked for Doctors without Borders), but for some reason this event in Haiti has captivated me. The people of Haiti were in a rather desperate state prior to this devastation and it’s incredibly heart-wrenching that an earthquake can result in this…all I want to do is go over there and help – but, alas, I think I would only add to the confusion, so I am left to donating, encouraging others to do so, and watching the suffering on tv or internet. All I can say is, help! Thanks, Aidan, for doing this!

  100. A wonderful way in which to use your talents and your spirit to “Help Haiti”.

    I’ve found that the best way to discuss situations of this magnitude with children of any age, but especially very little ones is to minimize the horror and point out the good that others are doing, how people are helping and do so in simple terms that they understand. It helps with adults as well.

  101. Help Haiti! This is a very creative idea! Thanks for this opportunity to help.

  102. Jessica

    Help Haiti! Brilliant and generous. Hope you are feeling better!

    For my part, I try to watch the news on it but it is really hard, especially when you see the hurt babies. It is all I can do not to cry but you just have to be more grateful than ever for the things you have, like a roof over your head. That is how I cope.

  103. I can’t believe the 11 year old girl we watched get rescued has died! She was perfectly fine, it was only her leg that was trapped under an iron rod –which they sawed through–to get her out. Needless to say it was her leg that was injured–but with no adequate medical supplies, medicine, let alone food and water…she ended up passing away. It’s so sad. The paper said her last word were ‘Mommy, don’t let me die.’ So many of the Haitans are dying such unnecessary deaths! Injuries that, with proper medical help, can be easily treated. It’s just so sad!

  104. Ann

    Help Haiti!

    I definitely watch too much of the coverage. I wish there was more I could do to help. I’ve sent money… I just hope the relief organizations can get in there quick enough to save these people.

    Hope you guys feel better soon.

  105. Gail

    Hope things are looking up for you and your family by now. I so appreciate your effort in helping these people and their families. I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation they are facing. God be with them and with you. Thanks for your kind heart.

  106. I’ve been paralyzed since learning about Haiti – odd for a sprint-into-action type like me. I can’t fathom the devastation. I have avoided the images on the news and in the paper. I can’t decide if my sudden protectionist behavior is immoral or unkind or the product of empathy overload. Regardless – you’ve given me a way to take a first step in leaving my protective shell and lending some kind of assistance. Thank you Aidan

  107. There’s something so magical about you…I hope you know that. I wrote about powerlessness on my blog…and I adore that you are stepping into your power here. Finding a way, creating an option and making it very easy for people to engage.

    You may not “sell” anything or “offer services” and yet, you give away so very much that I, as a new fan, truly appreciate. Thank you for your generosity of words, ideas and spirit.

    Help Haiti.

  108. Help Haiti!

    Just trying to help you reach your goal (of raising $300 for Haiti). I would like to help you and your family get better, but I don’t think I’m that savvy with the internet yet.

    Good luck!

  109. I can send virtual hugs.. hope all is better soon.

  110. Have been meaning to comment for three days but have been away from computer. Thank you for doing this…

  111. Michele

    Help Haiti.

    I am talking about it to my DD who is 8 (almost 9). She is asking questions, and we are discussing it. It’s hard to explain that there are places that are nothing like she has experienced. She wants to know why they don’t go to the hospital and get taken care of there.
    thank you for doing this.

  112. I seek out details and then find myself turning it off when it becomes overwhelming. I need to know what happened but then my heart sinks hearing how desperate and terrible the situation truly is. I love to hear the to stories of the people who survived, like the woman who was saved after being trapped for five days! Fantastic, great job rescue teams! But for those who go without food and water and fear for the lives of not only themselves but their children. My heart bleeds for them. My eyes water excessively and finally I turn the channel. Please Help Haiti!

  113. mika

    i hope your family is feeling better

  114. D

    Help Haiti. Sorry for not dropping by sooner, I haven’t checked here in ages. I am totally drowning in work as I slog through month 3 of my trial. What strikes me given my work, are the massive amount of buildings that collapsed in Port Au Prince because there was no building code to speak of. The only thing we can do now is hope that this unspeakable and avoidable tragedy will result in a rebuilding of a safer, better Haiti for those lucky enough to survive. Thank you for raising awareness, looking forward to resuming my “regular” commenting status in a few weeks.

  115. Anne Shirley

    Help Haiti

  116. John

    HELP HAITI…and Thank You!!

  117. Kristen

    Thank you for doing this.

    Hope you are all feeling better.

  118. Randi

    Thanks for helping Haiti!

  119. Emily

    Aidan- So sorry you guys are sick yet again!! This is a great thing you are doing…

  120. Dara Moses

    Thank you for doing this! The situation is just devastating. Aiden, having not seen you since our 10-yr high school reunion I’m not sure I ever mentioned that prior to business school I worked in Haiti with an incredible organization, Partners In Health. Their presence for over 20 yrs in Haiti as the largest healthcare provider in the central plateau, almost entirely run by Haitian doctors, has allowed them to be among the very first responders in the capital. Many of my old colleagues and friends are there right now, meeting an overwhelming situation with courage, skill and dedication. I’d urge anyone interested in making further donations to consider PIH – an exemplary and locally embedded organization. Also, they are posting frequent updates on the sitaution and their continuous, expanding relief efforts on their website. Thanks for everyone’s support of Haiti, a beautiful country very close to my heart.


  121. S

    Help Haiti!!
    God’s Blessings and Healing to you and your family.

  122. Thank you for your generosity, clever idea!
    Hope you are all better soon!

  123. I just want to help Haiti. Thanks for doing this, Aidan. Blessings to you and your family, and to the people and families of Haiti.

  124. Help Haiti.

    I honestly tend to insulate myself from the news – I don’t read the paper and I don’t own a tv. But those news stories which draw the world’s attention, such as the plight of Haiti, still trickle down – and I find I am presented with everything I really need to know.

    As for the health front – I have been ill more days since the beginning of fall than I had in the previous 5 years combined… not sure what’s up, but it seems to be universal. Healthy vibes to you and your family – get well soon!


  125. Rosemary van Haaren

    I work with your Aunt Rhonda in the hinterlands. At least that is how we believe New Yorkers refer to us. I think it is interesting for you to know how far and wide your reach is. Enough said.

    Help Haiti!

  126. Help Haiti!!!

    Sorry that you and your family is not feeling well.Get well soon.Keep up the good work and kiss the girls for me.


  127. Robin

    What a great help! I am so glad my friend told me about this.

  128. K

    Help Haiti.

    I watch the news and all I see are faces filled with agony. I wish I could reach out and touch them, dry their tears and tell them that everything is going to be okay. But I know that I can’t, not because of the glass between us but because I know that my words will be unconvincing. That is what makes my heart break. That is what brings tears to my eyes. But I will send texts, right comments, and call to give whatever I can to Haiti. I can only hope that my small efforts will help someone find solace.

    Thank you for helping Haiti.

  129. Help Haiti. It’s the least we can do.

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  131. Jacquelyn

    Good idea. Thanks for doing this A.

  132. Am I too late? Lost track of time this weekend. Consider this a comment! 🙂

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