Still Snowing

Posted On: 07.29.10


Cleaning your house

While your kids are still growing

Is like shoveling the walk

Before it stops snowing.

Phyllis Diller

Toddler, sweet Toddler, sits cross-legged on the hard wood floor, surrounded by scattered strips of stickers. Strips of stickers I very systematically stacked and placed into a Ziploc baggie yesterday in preparation for our move. Baby runs between the kitchen and the living room wielding paint pens, one green and one purple. These are the paint pens I placed with all the sundry art supplies just yesterday.

Yesterday, after hours of effort, there was a pinch of order around here.

Today, on the eve of our migration, we are back to full-blown chaos.

This does not panic me as much it should. Rather, it makes me smile. Why? Because this is it. My life. Our life. A life with small children, growing and grabbing, oblivious to moments when organization is important. I smile because this reality of mess and magic will follow us there. Of course it will.

Today is box day. Everything will disappear behind cardboard walls. And I know this process won’t be smooth. I know the kids will see it as a challenge. As things go in, neatly folded and carefully wrapped, I imagine a rush of giggles and little fingers. Today, as always, there will be steps forward and back, progress and regress. Today, as always, there will be silliness and sweet sabotage.

But we will get there. We will.

And so. This? This is a little morning ode to the snow of small children, to the exquisite flakes that fall and frustrate, and make life slippery. Today, we will shovel because we must. Because we have somewhere, somewhere good, to go.

And we will get there. We will.

One day, our floors might stay clean. One day, our walks might be free of snow.

Not yet though. Thankfully, not yet.


  • Do you agree that organization and small creatures do not go together?
  • Does the prospect or reality of domestic chaos panic you or make you smile?
  • Do you ever imagine a day in the future when more order will be possible? Does this make you happy or sad?
  • Wish me luck on Box Day!

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8 Comments for: "Still Snowing"
  1. Ash

    My dear Gran used to say “housework is like stringing beads without a knot on the end” – giggling at that thought keeps me sane as I trip over a pile of Hot Wheels. Again.

    I’ll try to picture snowflakes now as well.

    I’ve given up my need for “neat,” but organized is an absolute must. By organized, I mean a bin for everything, because sure as shootin’, one of the boys will want that crucial piece of a game or a toy that cannot be located in under 10 seconds. If I can point them to a bin, all is right in the world.

    Good luck with Box Day!

  2. Love the Phyllis Diller quote. (Actually, I just love Phyllis Diller.) Good luck today. May your packing tape not stick to itself and may your Sharpie labeling pens not run out of ink. Just think, this time next week you’ll be in your new digs!!!

  3. Peggy

    Hi Aidan- been meaning to comment for quite some time now (I feel like I’m a blog-stalker 🙂 We seem to have alot in common (which may be why your posts resonate with me – to the point of tears sometimes!) I am a lawyer who gave up firm life for a work-from-home gig… I, too, knew my husband was “it” soon after meeting him (there may actually have been sparks flying off his killer smile when I first laid eyes on him)… and most importantly, I’m neck-deep in the wonderful chaos of raising 3 little girls (go for the 3rd – it’ll rock your world!) I know it’s still snowing, but I gotta go shovel!
    (btw – Oksana introduced me to your blog – and book – which was great!)

    Good luck with the move!

  4. Good luck with the move. Organization is one of those things that is just difficult to attain. I move at least two times a year (back and forth between the dorms and other living arrangements when the dorms close) and every single move is chaos. It is a beautiful chaos, it means progress from one point in my life to another but it is still chaos. And stress. And I don’t even have any little creatures. I just have me. And maybe in some ways, just for now, I am my only little creature creating my own chaos. Just for now.

  5. AG

    Good luck with your move! I wish I lived somewhere in NY because I would gladly come take all those boxes off your hands after you are through with them…I am in the midst of collecting my own!

  6. I know it may sound crazy, but I love unpacking cardboard boxes and setting up my new surroundings. For me it represents a chance to start over, to cleanse, and to organize. Good luck with unpacking today.

  7. My baby is six now. When I tell her not to take things out or touch them she listens. I kind of miss the days when it didn’t matter what I said.

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