Famous People Have Feelings Too

Posted On: 04.06.12

Okay. I get it. She’s a celebrity. Oh so willingly in the public eye. She has to know people are going to say things, terrible things. She’s probably quite used to this. I imagine you can’t survive for a second in that world without growing a relatively thick skin. Fine.

But she is pregnant. She is carrying a little life. And you know what? She seems happy. I know, I know. We never really know what goes on behind closed doors – in real life, in surreal life – but it appears that she is a contented creature. And she is about to become a mom. And I know, from experience, that there is something wildly exciting – and absolutely petrifying – about hovering on that priceless precipice, wondering, willing, waiting.

Has she gained too much weight? Maybe so. I don’t know. I don’t really care. I don’t know what too much weight means. I am not a doctor. Most of us aren’t. Most of us are people, human beings, who know very little about most things. Most of us are leading our lives, hour by hour, day by day, doing the best we can. Most of us are not snapped by photographers every time we step out of a car or order a plate of food. Most of us have no idea what that is like.

Look. I know she has oodles of money and leads a quintessentially fabulous life. I know this intrigues many and perhaps angers some. But I also know that she is a human being, a human being carrying another human being, a human being who, despite her riches, feels.

She feels. Like I do. Like you do.

Why do we insist upon being so mean? I say we because we are all, in our own ways, complicit in this cruelty. We might not be the ones writing the articles, but we are reading them. We might not be the one snapping the photographs, but we are the ones looking at them, studying them, smirking, judging, feeling better about ourselves when we spot a flaw. We are all guilty of this.

Reality check. Does Jessica look as hot now as she has in the past? Of course not. If memory serves me, neither did I when I was days away from popping a baby from my body. This just isn’t the most flattering time in a woman’s life. And maybe Jessica’s doctor or Jessica herself wants to whittle her way back to her former self after the baby is born. And when and if she does that, I will say: Good for her. I imagine others might speculate that she has taken some dangerous diet pill, or works out instead of spending time with her child, or that she has developed a grave eating disorder. Oftentimes, it seems that there is no winning for these celebrity creatures.

I hope Jessica welcomes a healthy girl one of these days and is able to tune out the incessant media nonsense. I hope she is able to slip into those magic moments of a new world, a wonderful world I know well and inhabit daily, a world I cherish and curse depending on the time of day, a world that has become my everything.

And if you take a moment and look at the photo above you will see something: She is beautiful. Maybe she has been airbrushed or fiddled with, who knows, who cares. When I look at this picture I see curves, I see creation, I see life. Yes, I also see the commercialization of a very private thing. Would I pose nude for a magazine while substantially pregnant? No, probably not. But who am I to judge, really? Who are any of us to judge?

Good luck, Jessica. Your life is about to change in exquisite and unimaginable ways.

Why do you think the media is so downright mean? Do you think it is really about selling stories or do you think this maybe has more to do with deep-seated insecurities we all feel and flee from? What do you think about celebrity posts on ILI from time to time? Oh, and Happy Easter, all!

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5 Comments for: "Famous People Have Feelings Too"
  1. I think you probably saw me post on FB this week that I feel her pain. I gain “too much weight” when I am pregnant — my body looked EXACTLY like hers with my last pregnancy. This time, all the weight is shooting off the front of my body and I look different, but still very Buddha-like. In any case, she IS beautiful, and she deserves to just be able to be pregnant and do her thing. I really feel like some people’s bodies just blow up during pregnancy. Guess what? I have eventually lost all the weight after each one. She will too. I just hope she can be happy.

  2. I’ve lost faith in cable news and magazines (except TIME and WIRED) after watching “Killing US Softly”(Advertising’s Image of Women) sequels, “What a girl wants”, “Rich Media, Poor Democracy”.
    You don’t have to pose nude to show that you are beautiful/pregnant.
    After all, it’s about business and the “law of demand and supply”. If nobody wanted and were interested in them, why would the magazine put those nude photos on its cover?
    It’s Easter!! Instead of focusing on Jessica Simpson and celebrities, I fix my eyes on Jesus (Yeshua), my Passover lamb and remember what YHVH (God) has done for me.

  3. Jody

    I’m also one of those women who gain “too much” during pregnancy – probably the worst part of being pregnant is the crazy things your body does…especially the first time around! I think she is amazingly brave to put herself out there (airbrushed or not!) at such a vulnerable state in life. She is gorgeous. And I, too, hope that she can shelter her public life enough to relish in those early days and months of motherhood – the ones where you don’t shower or dress, you just sit & nurse and sleep with your new baby. 🙂

  4. I missed this on Friday because I was traveling, but I just wanted to pop back in and say – Right On!! How much weight anyone gains during pregnancy (or any other time, for that matter) is not our business. She’s happy. She’s healthy. And she should be able to be both of those things without being harpooned by a bloodthirsty media. (Oh, and I loved the Jezebel article.)

  5. I think that a huge reason these things are printed is that people want to see them. We are curious about people we perceive to be out of our reach, and we want to hear anything and everything about them. Magazines publish such crap because people read it.

    And, what’s even sicker, I think, is that celebrities love this shit being printed about them when it works for them. They pay PR people to make this nonsense our business. They’re only hurt or unhappy or angry when they want a moment of privacy. Jessica Simpson wants everyone talking about her body when it’s looking great, but not when she feels crappy about it. Unfortunately, it rarely works to play both sides of anything. I hope she has a healthy baby, just like I hope for anyone having a baby.

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