a year without wine. what’s this?

Posted On: 05.07.12
CONFESSION: I love pinot grigio. Maybe too much?

For many years, I have been a wine girl. Pinot Grigio has always been my go-to and has glossed many of my best times.

On January 16, 2012, after much thought, and much curiosity, I decided to give up wine (and all booze) for one year.

Why one year?

I wanted to make it through all four seasons without wine. I wanted to see what every holiday and every birthday was like without it. A year is a long time, time enough to adjust and reflect…

Will I go back to drinking?

I don’t know for sure, but I imagine so. What I have learned is that I truly do not need wine. I do know that if I go back to drinking, my relationship with drinking will be different, evolved I’d like to think.

What has been the most interesting part of this experiment so far?

People’s reactions. Some people are very suspicious; they conclude, swiftly, erroneously, that I must be hiding a Major Drinking Problem. Some people are very defensive about their own habits and are very quick to detail how much they drink, how often they drink, and why the amount and frequency are totally fine. Some people are genuinely intrigued, and full of fabulous questions.

Do I miss my wine?

Most of the time, not really. It amazes me that I go through days on end, being around people drinking, and do not even think about pouring a glass. But then. Then there are those times – usually once or twice per week – when I get very annoyed with myself for embarking upon this ridiculous “experiment.” Alas.

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5 Comments for: "a year without wine. what’s this?"
  1. Good for you for doing this! I have often thought about doing this, too. I love a glass of wine in the evenings but as I get older, I’m seeing how much my hips aren’t appreciating it. I know it should probably be for much more profound reasons, but there it is: wine makes me rounder.

  2. Diana

    A friend of mine just forwarded me your blog with this topic…..I’m into my second season without wine. I share your sentiments of others’ reactions….so far it really hasn’t been as big of an adjustment as I thought, and the positives outweigh the temporary enjoyment I had with wine or drinks with friends, etc…..I hope you update your thoughts on this “seasonally”…. : )

  3. Abby

    I am on my way to a year. On my second month. I cannot wait to hear more. As I am sure I will be able to relate.

  4. Hi Aiden

    Not sure you will get this but thought I would drop you a line.

    So a message from across the pond in the Uk and I am now 4 months into giving up drinking for a year and I too started writing about it. http://jonoekin.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/falling-down-rabbit-hole.html

    For me it is a social experiment to see whether my life will change for the better over a 12 month period. No I am not an alcoholic but just really interested in change. I am new to blogging and writing, and the latter is something I have wanted to do for so long but as always procrastinate in doing so. I guess by giving up drinking you fast track past all the self doubts and procrastination.

    Anyway, not even sure you get these so will keep it brief, but nice to know there are others on the journey


    Jono x

  5. Susan Chaisson

    I love reading your blog. I too drink way too much wine. I am starting today trying to stop. Did you lose alot of weight when you gave wine up?

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