The Saying Place

Posted On: 05.10.12

Four words. Good words. True ones.

A sentence. A good one. A true one.

In the past, I had a hard time saying them, saying it.

But now. I say these words. I say this sentence.

And saying them, saying it, seems right, feels right.

It took time to get here, to this saying place.

But I’m here. And plan to stay.

I am a writer.


Do you have a hard time articulating what it is you do? Are you a writer? Are you able to say aloud this simple sentence, this good sentence?

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9 Comments for: "The Saying Place"
  1. TR

    Maybe we have a hard time saying it because “it” is so complex? We all do so many things that it is hard to reduce “it” to a single sentence sometimes?

  2. Fern

    Could it be that by saying what we do we are somehow putting more pressure on ourselves to do that thing? If we don’t allow ourselves to say it aloud then maybe we don’t have to do it? I think maybe all of this has somethung to do with ownership? Owning who we are, owning what we actually want?

  3. Aidan Donnelley Rowley

    I have been thinking about this all morning, the nature of the saying place. Am realizing that this is another reason I blog, to make myself think about things other than my to-do lists and my schedule. I think it is good and healthy to think about more intangible things, ideas, etc. Anyway, I wonder how much of this has to do with evidence, with objectivity? Do we only enter the saying place once we have something to show, to hold up, to prove? Am I in the saying place because I have a book in the physical world and a blog in the virtual (virtureal) one? What if I were just sitting in a room and writing and showing it to absolutely no one? Would I still be a writer? Yes. Would I say it? I’m not sure.

    Okay, back to my day 🙂

  4. Sue

    Oh this is great. I am working hard to become and see myself as a writer. You might enjoy this talk on vulnerability by Brene Brown, very in keeping with this.

  5. A very heard indeed…I’m still working on it.

  6. tara

    i am a homemaker.

  7. Dara

    I had a really hard time for a while saying “I’m a screenwriter,” because most of what I get paid to write doesn’t get produced. Essentially, I’m in the R&D dept of Hollywood. And not every product that R&D works on goes to the factory line.

    A symptom of my insecurity about this fact caused me to say “I’m a screenwriter…” and immediately spout off my resume. As I got more comfortable in my writer skin, that tick disappeared.

    I think it’s natural and healthy in any profession to feel like a fraud at times. My friends who are firmly ensconced as lawyers still go to court and look over their shoulders when the judge says “Counselor?”

    Being a little insecure about what you do for a living is a reminder that it might go away, and an impetus to work that much harder to be certain it doesn’t.

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