Baggy Silk Pajamas.

Posted On: 06.06.12

…on the days when I get over myself, I write freely and happily. My writer’s life is a loose garment. It’s my baggy silk pajamas. It’s a life where I – and my brain-children – are allowed to come as they are. Since I’m not invested in looking like a “real” writer or in acting like a “real” writer, I am freed up to have a real life. Since it isn’t about concentrating on how smart I am and how brilliant I need to be, since it’s now about listening to what is trying to speak through me, I can trust that the flow of writing is always there, always available, just like electricity at the flick of a switch.

Julia Cameron, THE RIGHT TO WRITE, p. 105

Are you able to relax, and trust yourself, in your writing, your parenting, your living? Or are you perpetually determined prove yourself in your writing, your parenting, your living? Do you think any facet of life can really become like “baggy silk pajamas” if we care so much, so deeply, and so complexly, about it? What do you sleep in?

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3 Comments for: "Baggy Silk Pajamas."
  1. Mel

    I love the idea of being more organic in our parenting, working, etc, but I’m not sure this is possible if we are thinking this much about it? I sleep in a t-shirt every night.

  2. I’m curious about this “Right to Write” book. I loved “The Artist’s Way” so many years ago!
    I think the longer we are in a situation, the easier it is to trust ourselves and let go. I have a hard time trusting in my writing, but I think it’s because I have been so out of practice for so many years. As far as parenting goes, I feel like now after almost 7 years of being Mom, I don’t overthink things so much and trust my instincts so much more.

    PJ’s for me are what most consider workout clothes – tees, yoga pants, shorts, tanks, etc. Silk PJ’s are not comfortable – too slippery! 😉

  3. Sue

    Love Julia Cameron. I am a long way from feeling like a “real writer” whatever that is. I do trust my instincts in parenting. PJs- I love nighties.

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