Election Day 2012

Posted On: 11.06.12

Stop reading. Close the computer. Get out there and vote. That’s my plan. I will walk one block, through that little playground, into that school. I will wait for my turn. And I will exercise my right. I just hope the three little girls I bring with me don’t wreak too much havoc!

When and where will you vote today? Do you plan to bring anyone little with you? Does this particular election make you anxious at all?

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5 Comments for: "Election Day 2012"
  1. Already voted. Took my almost 3 year old son with me. He LOVED getting an “I voted” sticker. Very, very, very anxious, as this election affects my family’s equality rights.

    • Aidan Donnelley Rowley

      Good for you for taking your boy! After planning to take all three girls, I took none of them and I am actually glad I didn’t because it took forever and was the picture of inefficiency. I waited for over an hour to learn they didn’t have any record of me… I think something got lost in the shuffle when we moved into our new place, but they had my husband’s record which was odd. Anyway, I was able to vote by affidavit but all of it left me a bit nauseated.

      Feeling super anxious. Gonna try to plug into my novel writing for a solid two hours now to distract myself. We’ll see how that goes.

      Thanks, Amanda!

  2. Meg

    Got up early to vote before work this morning! The lines were no big deal when I got to my polling place in Maryland about 8 a.m. — but one of the workers said a line had started to form around 5:30 this morning to get in. Even if the line had been two hours, I would have waited . . . it’s so, so important. And I definitely remember my dad taking me to vote when I was little. In fact, that’s what I blogged about today! 🙂

  3. I voted a week ago during early voting. My husband voted when the polls opened at 6am this morning. We are done! I’m definitely anxious about today. No matter who wins, our politicians have dug themselves into a pretty deep hole and there’s a lot of work ahead of them to get our country back on the right track.

  4. J

    We waited until after school today so our 16 year old could come with us to vote. She drove! (ack, nail biting, as this was my first time in the car with her driving)

    The polls are now closed on the East Coast, and I’m ignoring it, because it’s just too darned soon, and I don’t want a stomach ache. I’ll wait until at least 7 Pacific before I turn it on.

    Bringing your girls would have been nice, but not bringing them makes it much easier. My favorite voting was the 2008 Primary. Took my daughter in with me, so she could see me vote for a woman. Then she went in with my (brown skinned) husband and watched him vote for Obama. It was awesome. I hope she remembers forever.

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