So In Love With You

Posted On: 12.05.12

It was a day of just us Rowley girls. And there was no school, no classes, no plan. And we just rolled with it, getting dressed, heading out into the crispness of fall, racing down the sidewalk toward the corner. I followed behind, pushing the stroller we won’t need for much longer, watching you three. Watching you walk and wander and I found myself wishing achingly that I could stop time. And I know this is a very cliched thing for a mother to think and to write, but I felt it, a stinging sense of urgency that you must stop this, this growing and changing and becoming big. You must stop this.

It was a day. A day of sweet treats and snuggles and cartoons and words. We walked and walked and talked and talked.

Through it all – what’s been and what’s now and what’s to come – know something and carry it with you: I am so in love with you three.

Have you ever felt the profound urge to stop time? If so, in what context?

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  1. Phoebe

    As a new mom I had this experience for the first time about a month ago. The baby has been more and more alert and rarely falls asleep after nursing anymore. But this one time, he conked out after a feed and was just lying there asleep in my lap. Perfect moment. One I realized might be the last of its kind. And I remember wishing a tiny bit that I could just live that moment forever.

  2. Every. Single. Day. Almost always in the most mudane, pedestrian moments, when I observe them doing their ordinary, regular thing. And the ache overwhelms me.

  3. Before I became a parent, I never cared to stop time. I lived life to the fullest and never looked back. Now that I’m a parent and likely won’t be a bio mom to any other child, I’m always wishing I could stop time. Not specific moments, necessarily, but ages and stages, most definitely.

  4. I don’t necessarily wish to stop time anymore, but I wish that life had a rewind button. Now that my little guy is six months old, and he’s so easily distracted while nursing, I sometimes wish that I could go back to month #2, when he was so focused on nursing that he would get lost in the closeness with me, his mama, instead of twisting his cute little body to look at his surroundings, like he does now.

  5. Yes.

    Sometimes I will stop and look over at my little girl while she is sleeping at night and wonder how I can bottle up that goodness and carry it with me everywhere I go.

    Love the emotion this post evokes. Thanks Aidan!

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