On Parenthood & Pride

Posted On: 06.06.13

last game

Tell them you are proud.

She played one of her last soccer games of the season. And we raced home. But on our block, not far from home, I stopped her. I crouched down beside her, put my hands on her little six-year-old shoulders and I looked her in the eye. I am so proud of you, I said. Six words. Six important words. Words we need to remember to say. Words they need very much to hear.

summer school

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3 Comments for: "On Parenthood & Pride"
  1. Important words indeed 🙂

  2. I say those words SO OFTEN. But, I also wonder, are we creating a generation that hear them too much? A softball coach of mine once commented, “If we tell everyone they are extraordinary, are we going to start missing out on those people that truly are? Where would we be without the out of the ordinary likes of Rosa Parks, JFK, Hank Aaron, and Neil Armstrong?”

  3. Yes. Yes. I also think we need to say, “You should be so proud of yourself.”

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