Nine Years Ago

Posted On: 12.18.13


Nine years ago, Husband and I got married.

Above? An engagement shot. We were baby-faced and oh so happy.

anniverary 5

On our wedding day, I got ready with my sisters and bridesmaids at my childhood home.

anniversary 3

anniversary 1

Putting on my big dress.

anniversary 8

Husband and his guys got ready at our then apartment.

anniversary 9anniverary 7anniversary 10anniversary 11

Our dads in my childhood kitchen.

anniversary 4

Husband is waiting in the garden to see me for the first time that day.


Holy Trinity was particularly beautiful that day.


In our first moments as husband and wife.


Leaving the church to head to the museum.


anniversary 20

Our first dance under the whale. We stumble and laugh to U2’s “All I Need Is You.”


After the reception, we sneak a little time with the elephants.


Happy anniversary, love.

(All photos by the incomparable Philippe Cheng.)

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18 Comments for: "Nine Years Ago"
  1. Happy, happy nine years … xoxoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary! To many many more!

  3. Stacy

    It was an incredible day. So fun to think back on it. It’s even more fun to see the beautiful family that has since come to be.

  4. Raising a virtual glass – Happy Anniversary!

  5. Rachel

    Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!

  6. Gorgeous! Oh happy day!!!

  7. Heather

    Just gorgeous…happy happy happy!
    Love you both! xoxox

  8. Meg

    Lovely. Happy anniversary!

  9. GORGEOUS! So glad you shared these. We just had our 13 year. Feeling old–but in a good way!

  10. The happiest of days to you both! xoxo

  11. Wow, amazing pictures. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Gale

    Congrats! And happy anniversary! What a lovely glimpse into your special day.

  13. Monica

    Happy Anniversary! May God bless you both as a couple all the days of your lives. 🙂

  14. Jess

    Happy anniversary!! These are gorgeous- you definitely need to make that album! 9 years- wow. Time flies! Xoxo

  15. Angela

    Wonderful photos! Happy Anniversary for yesterday.

  16. This was magnificent. Your words and images pulled at my heart, tightening my throat and making me smile. Happy life to you both +3. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen your faces and love in person.

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