ADR Friday Loves 02.14.14

Posted On: 02.14.14


i’m loving…

this kama sutra for couples who have been dating over three years.

this confession from a high school pal.

this myth.

this piece on the Perfect Online Dating Profile.

this letter to Darwin.

this new friend/writer/kid whisperer

this post.

this interesting piece.

this jumper. (Thanks, Claire!)

this article on writers & procrastination.

this run.

…  this tote.

this play post.

these boots.

this Quotesome.

this Elsa dress.

this slide show.

this organization.

& this organization.

this V-Day post.

this book.

& this book.

& this book.

this leather jacket.

this wallpaper.

this popcorn.

this video.

this restaurant where Husband & I celebrated an early V-day.

this gift.

these fabrics.

this place.

this magic carpet.

this dry bar.

this box.

… & this Valentine’s card for my man:


Happy Valentine’s Day & happy weekend! xoxo, ADR

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Oh, and...



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  1. Thanks for mentioning our raccoon-print jumper! We are in love with it, too.

  2. Aidan
    thanks so much for the love and link

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