Emily Dickinson on Home

Posted On: 04.15.14

emily dickinson

“where thou art, that is home.”
{emily dickinson}


Oh, and...



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  1. I heard a piece the other day, part poem part prose, I suppose, and something in it clicked. My own reaction related to my grandfather and the significance of Spain in our lives, but it also reminded me of you and your dad and the universal struggle with grief.

    The concept of here is so very important, and I think we often have more here inside of us, than we ever truly know.

    It closed with:

    “I wanted to tell you the story of that winter in Madrid, where my father kept dying, again and again, inside of me, and I kept bringing him back, holding him for as long as I could. I never knew how much I loved him. I didn’t know that grief would give him back to me, over and over, I didn’t know that those cobbled streets would someday lead me to here, to this quietude, this blessing, to my father within me.

    Provenance by Joseph Stroud.

  2. Julia Masi

    Sometimes, this is a scary thought! I spend a little of time trying to help the homeless and I am always surprised how they seem to adapt to Emily Dickinson’s concept. Many of the more privileged among us will admit to not being able to get a good night’s sleep without certain amenities and personal items nearby, but those who have nothing are willing to call a cardboard box, and oversized garbage bag and a blanket home.

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