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Posted On: 04.15.14

nyc as homeNew York City. I was born and raised here. Now I am raising my three girls here. I can’t tell you how meaningful this is to me. I know this place. It is part of me. And yet. There is so much of this place that is unfamiliar to me. One of my favorite things to do is to explore new pockets of my hometown. Over the weekend, Husband and I went down to the East Village before our dinner date with good friends at Narcissa (yum) in the new Standard Hotel. We spotted this fabulous wall on East Houston Street and then killed time in the charming St. Marks Bookshop where I, um, purchased six books which I then shoved in my purse. Hey, nothing wrong with supporting my fellow authors, huh?

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  1. Julia Masi

    There are so many charming little stories in every neighborhood in the city. New York City neighborhood change so quickly, usually for the better, there is always something new to explore. On Sunday, I took a different train to volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver. I wanted to take sometime to walk around the Williamsburg/Bedsty area. This area of the borough is vastly different from some of the other areas of Brooklyn that I like to walk around, such as Clinton Hill, Bay Ridge or Park Slope. But with a little time and patience I was able to find a few coffee shops that I will try over the coming weeks. New York City is like a treasure hunt, with a little effort you’ll never know what you’ll find.

  2. How did you like the restaurant?

  3. Jessica

    I don’t know what this says about me, but I was immediately drawn to the writing that appears to say “OK suck it.”

  4. Aidan, I’m so excited to follow along with The Here Year and especially to learn more about your thoughts on home! You know it’s a topic close to my heart. This wall is a fabulous work of art, by the way… how I love stumbling on surprises like this throughout our hometowns.

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