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Posted On: 04.11.14

Yesterday, I made an announcement about a yearlong project I’ve just started called The Here Year. For the next twelve months, I will consider one topic a month that connects with (or interferes with) Presence. April’s theme is Home.

Fine. Wonderful.

And yet. There is the reality that I woke up this morning and thought: What have I done? What in the world do I know about being present?

I felt it important to come here and share my self-doubt with you because this, I feel, is a huge part of this experiment. If you had told me five years ago that I would embark upon an experiment about living in the Now, I would have laughed. Hard. Well, I’ve changed. A lot. I’m more open to these kinds of questions; they feel, suddenly, more pressing for me. BUT. The point is that I have no clue what I’m doing, no real expertise on the question of Presence which is precisely why I think this project will be so important and interesting for me.

Anyway, this is a little disclaimer post to assure you that I am as lost and as confused as anyone when it comes to these lofty questions of humanity and time. But that’s not going to keep me from asking them. This year ahead? It’s all about asking.

I find myself wondering about Emerson, who writes: I live now. Did he really? Did he know how to do this? Was it easier to do this in his time than ours? More questions. Ultimately, t’s all about the questions, right?

Anyway, off to live this April Friday, to do whatever I can to live now whatever that really means. Have a good one, guys!


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  1. Ask away, Aidan! We fellow seekers and questioners and ponderers will be looking forward to hearing what you have to share! xoxo

  2. I’m pretty fascinated by all this too. I don’t even really know what living in the “now” or being “present” means these days. We are so encumbered..burdened….with so many things. And it’s not like we can just be all “F-it. I’m going skydiving” or something like that. I think the big question for me is how to be present without letting all the distractions in (and yet sometimes, even those are unavoidable-sometimes I WANT to be distracted from the present if you know what I mean) Hum.

    Well anyway, excited, as usual to follow along. :)

  3. Meg

    It is all about the questions — and I think the power comes simply from asking, not necessarily getting an answer. I commend you for starting this project and look forward to pondering these things with you!

    As we prepare to move into our first home in the next few months, I’ve been thinking lots about “home” and “stuff” and what we need versus what we really don’t. Without the chaos of wedding planning consuming us this year, I’ve really enjoyed delving into a “new normal” in our own space… and look forward to establishing that sense of home in the new one, too!

  4. Yes. Yes, yes and yes!! These questions, these dilemmas, this uncertainty: I think it’s all just part of the road. Maybe they ARE the road. Either way, I’m glad to be walking it next to you. xox

  5. Morgan McCallin

    I always push my students, and my myself, to think about our thinking. Ah, metacognition…

  6. I LOVE the idea of your Here Year. It is so inspiring. I am always, always looking for ways to be more present. Being an adult can be BORING sometimes, and I often flit into my imaginary, parallel life during these more mundane moments. But whenever I find my way back to the present, I am always astonished and humbled by how beautiful it is. (Even when it’s not beautiful).

    Thank you for doing this! I look forward to learning along with you.

  7. TJ Wood

    None of us have this perfectly figured out, so don’t worry about how much you ‘know’ or not :) We’re all in this journey together and you’re providing a medium for us to share experiences and learn from each other and that’s a lovely, vulnerable gift. Thank you.

    For what it’s worth…one of my favorite quotes by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh: “People sacrifice the present for the future. But life is available only in the present. That is why we should walk in such a way that every step can bring us to the here and the now.”

  8. We live in the questions, don’t we? At yoga and meditation we are taught that when the mind wanders,that we need to bring it back to the present. It is easier said than done. The last few years I have read and studied and I have pondered the big questions that seem more pressing to me as well. Time is fleeting and I am soaking up the moments as much as possible. I am looking forward to sharing your journey.

  9. Have you read any of Gretchen Rubin’s “Happiness” books? I’m thinking of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. You might find some inspiration – she has done similar year projects. I love reading about them and am always inspired!

    Thrilled to see another year project kicking off… I’ll be following avidly!

  10. Mmm, such a meaty topic. As I consider my presence in each moment, I’m easing up a bit on the judgement. It’s ok to have an ebb and flow to this because I just don’t think, at least for me, that it is sustainable. What I do believe is that I can endeavor to live my way, when others shoot toward a different star, I don’t have to falter, my dreams, my stars, my loves, they aren’t the same as others. Anchoring to my gut and my hope, that helps now matter.

    Love this push to reflect.

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