This Is Childhood: 10 Mothers. 10 Essays.

Posted On: 04.07.14

muirWell, it’s been a while. I wrote a post many weeks ago announcing my decision to channel Thoreau and simplify and it’s proven to be a wonderful thing for me at this particular time in my life. I’ve been soaking up time with my sweet girls (pictured in the exquisite Muir Woods in California over spring break) and also making tremendous progress on my novel. I’ve learned many things about myself recently that I’m eager to share when the time is right.

But today is not about my enlightening hiatus from the blogging world I so love, a hiatus that will, in part, continue. No, today I’m here to announce that the book This is Childhood: Those Precious First Years. 10 Mothers. 10 Essays, in which I have an essay, is out in the world. What a privilege to collaborate with nine thoughtful writers whom I now count as friends, that the incomparable Lisa Belkin wrote our introduction,  and, most of all, that Marcelle Soviero and Randy Olin, editors of Brain, Child Magazine took interest in us and what we have to say about those fleeting first ten years of our children’s lives.

This Is Childhood cover

The book (which also includes a great journal component) is now available for purchase. Click here if you’d like to order a copy.

As always, thank you all for following along and supporting me as I muddle through the magic and mayhem that is my ever-evolving attempt to balance motherhood and writing. I’m feeling deeply hopeful about things and look forward to being back here to here a bit more regularly at some point soon.

In the meantime, know something: I miss you guys!

xoxo, ADR

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4 Comments for: "This Is Childhood: 10 Mothers. 10 Essays."
  1. That picture is just divine. xox

  2. So happy to be out in the world alongside you! xo

  3. I want to run up those stairs behind the girls. And I really really really need to channel Thoreau as well. Love being in these pages with you. Until the slumber party. XO

  4. Meg

    I’ll be visiting Muir Woods in late May! I can’t wait. How funny that you were just there yourself. Glad you’re enjoying your hiatus, and I’m sure the essays are wonderful!

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