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Posted On: 09.09.15


September 9, 2015.

My goodness, summer flew. Here I am, dusting off my favorite corner of the cyber-cosmos, and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, the past few months have been truly wonderful and frankly just what I needed. It was good for me to step back and slow down, to savor sunny and sweet moments with my guy and my girls, to read and write and think up a veritable storm, but the truth is that I missed this place, and all of you.

Today is a big day. My older two girls go back to school, beginning first and third grade. They are nothing but jazzed. And tomorrow, my tiniest has her first day of her last year of preschool, a fact that startles me more than a bit. And so, with an emptier nest, this is the perfect point to return here, to this spot I love to do this thing I love. It’s high time to tell more small stories about self and world, to unpack and honor the sweetness and struggle at the heart of my life, to ask big, unwieldy questions that seem urgent and interesting and meaningful somehow, to share simple and profound things I love and admire.

I’ve come up with a plan. I will be posting here three times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This predictability, and frequency, feels just right. If you crave a bit more ADR (ha), I invite you to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where I tend to eschew limits and go overboard and post tons.

Anyway, I’m genuinely thrilled to be back to blogging and, like a skipping schoolgirl, giddy for fall. I don’t know about you, but I’m smitten with these coming months and all they bring…  the colorful leaves, the optimistic crispy air, the jackets and boots, and the dense sense of beginning again. I can’t wait to tell you about our Rowley summer adventures, all the glorious books I devoured, and more.

So much to smile about. And write about. So that’s just what I’ll do.

Happy September, guys!


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17 Comments for: "Back to Blogging!"
  1. Welcome back! I missed your posts, and look forward to reading them again.

  2. Welcome Back, Aidan!!! You were missed! (but I did enjoy following along on your adventures through the wonderful world of Instagram!)

  3. Welcome back! So happy to begin reading your thoughts again. I love your schedule. I am proud of you asserting discipline and balance in your writing and your life. You continue to mentor me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Autumnal Days of Awesomeness.

  4. Welcome back, Aidan! Looking forward to reading your musings again. xo

  5. Kathy

    Welcome Back to your blog world! I too love this time of year, favorite television shows return, sweaters, boots, leaves soon to change colors, and thick magazines with the upcoming fashions! I still feel like it’s back to school, but mine are out of school now. Time flies! Looking forward to hearing about your summer reading list, and other stories.

    • Aidan Donnelley Rowley

      Thanks, Kathy. This time of year is the best. I think I will always feel like it’s back to school… such a wonderful, deep, nostalgic sentiment.

  6. Morgan

    Yay! Glad your back in this corner of the Internet again 🙂

  7. AG

    Glad you are back although I have to say I have enjoyed following your adventures on instagram and reading your posts there so I feel like you haven’t been totally MIA in my life..even though it may not have been on your blog 🙂

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