Happy Birthday, Mom!

Posted On: 11.16.15

mom birthday

dear mom,

Today is your birthday. We celebrated last night, around that old wooden antique dining table in our childhood home, your home for more than forty odd years. It was a good, old school night full of laughter and life, and I kept sneaking glances down to the end of the table where my own three little girls sat slurping pasta, wearing their melting snowmen pajamas, squished together on the antique bench on which we usually stack mail. I found myself wondering last night where that bench came from, when you and Dad found it and where, whether it has a story.

I also stole glances at you, Mom, our beautiful and youthful matriarch. Sometimes I forget that you were born in Kansas, that you’ve come so far – geographically, existentially – from your roots and when I think about this fact, and marvel at it, it amazes me how I’ve done things so differently, how I’ve stuck so close. I’m so happy I have.

Time. It’s a slippery, magical thing. I remember you on the sidelines of all my games. I remember you by my side at the very table where we sat for dinner and cake last night, helping me study for a bio test or edit an English paper. I remember you in the audience when I played the trumpet for the jazz band and the orchestra. I remember you at my high school graduation and my college graduation and then at my graduation from law school. At my wedding, at the hospital to meet each of my three babes. On the stage at Dad’s memorial service. At my very first book reading.

You’ve been there, here, for all of it, Mom. And I know you know this, but I hope you know that I do. Now that I’m raising my own daughters – in the same urban wild where you and Dad raised the five of us – it’s impossible to lose sight of this, and important not to. Your unique and compelling brand of mothering has been a brilliant blueprint, and I thank you.

If Dad were here, Mom, I think he’d be proud of you. Maybe he wouldn’t use the word¬†proud,¬†but another, quirkier, more opaque word, but that’s not the point. I think he would smile his mustache smile and applaud your resilience, your spirit, the friendships you’ve made and strengthened, the way you’ve continued to live, and live well, in his unfurling absence.

On this Monday morning, the 16th of November, I raise my coffee mug to you, Mom, to many more Moo-Moo birthdays around the old wooden table, to the stories and memories we all carry with us in our heads and hearts and homes, to those stories we will continue to live and the memories we will continue to make.

I love you, Mom. We all do. To pieces.

love, Aidan

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7 Comments for: "Happy Birthday, Mom!"
  1. Angela

    So beautifully written, a special ode to your mum. Happy Birthday and I pray you all share many more.

  2. A beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. A beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  4. Jess

    Happy birthday to your mom!! I often take the time to write lengthy, thoughtful notes to my children on their birthdays, but my mom usually doesn’t get such special treatment. Not because I don’t treasure her but because it seems all of my time goes to the kids. I am inspired! Your mom will certainly treasure this. What a beautiful gift. Xoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing this most beautiful tribute- by and about beautiful people. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  6. Lovely. Happy Birthday to your mom, Aidan!

  7. Lara

    What a touching tribute to your mom. May you share many more birthday celebrations together.

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