Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Posted On: 12.18.15


December 18, 2015. Our wedding anniversary. Eleven years ago, I got ready in my childhood home with my sisters and Mom and bridesmaids. When the time came, Dad walked me down the aisle of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. I wore a huge princess dress littered with sparkling beads, with two kissing doves on the back. My guy wore a champagne-colored tie. The church was so festive and warm, I remember this. Lights and poinsettias everywhere.

We danced the night away under the big blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History, a place that was, and is, dear to me. The saxophonist was a mad man and stole the show. The centerpieces were exquisite, made of white wintry branches and glittering ornaments. Mom and Dad gave gorgeous, meaningful toasts. I was with everyone I loved. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Hands down.

But there have been so many happy days since. Quiet days and big ones like the days our daughters were born. Eleven years later, we have a life, a life we love and cherish, a life that inspires and confounds.

Another Christmas season in this city we love with our family. Another anniversary. Another day to stop and remember what matters, what really matters. It is not silk dresses and fancy parties. It is life and love and family. 

I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season. I look forward to returning here, to this place I adore, in the new year. Before I go, some of my favorite shots from our wedding day on December 18, 2004. Goodness, it feels like forever ago and also like yesterday. All of these beauties were taken by our brilliant wedding photographer and friend Philippe Cheng.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Meg

    A belated happy anniversary to you and your husband! My parents’ anniversary is December 20 (yesterday — 35 years!), so they relate to having a Christmas wedding. My mother’s bridesmaids wore green velvet dresses with holly on white muffs and, though perhaps a bit Mrs. Claus-ish, looking through their wedding photos is so delightful for my sister and me. Your pictures are gorgeous — as are the memories, I’m sure!

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