3 Things I’m Doing on Pub Day Eve

Posted On: 02.08.16

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The Ramblers hits shelves TOMORROW. To prepare, I’m doing a few things.

1. I’m re-reading the book.

To remember the details of the story. Yes, I wrote it, but it’s been some time since I’ve immersed myself in the world of my protagonists. Middle Girl caught me in the act last night. See above.

2. Finding – and re-gramming – the book in the wild.

I’ve been collecting, and posting, wonderful pictures of my book in the wild. See some examples below. Starting tomorrow, many more of you will have the book (yay!) and I hope you will snap some pics and tag me (@adonnrowley) and also use the hashtags #theramblersbook and #theramblers2016. Seeing my book in other people’s feeds makes me happy and lends a bit of calm to my less-than-calm self.

wild 3 wild 4 wild1 wild2 wild6

3. Asking my kids for advice.

Speaking of calm, as I was waiting for the school bus this morning with my big girls, I reminded them that my book is out tomorrow and I asked if they had any sage advice on this eve of publication. Oh, and they did!!

Get balloons!

Get streamers!

Get a cake with The Ramblers on it!

Take the cats to Book Culture!

Look in the mirror and make muscles to remember how strong you are!

Get extra copies of your book and give them to people so if you feel like you can’t read, someone else can read and you can just move your lips!

If you are really nervous, just go outside and run away!

kid advice


Tomorrow, guys!!! Thanks SO much for all your love and support so far. I will be back tomorrow with a pub day note.

Ramblers cover

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3 Comments for: "3 Things I’m Doing on Pub Day Eve"
  1. I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to read this book! I pre-ordered mine from Barnes & Noble as a birthday present to myself a few weeks ago. So hopefully it will be here by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest as it’s a long weekend so I have Friday and Monday off of school.

    Enjoy these days – and your girls definitely give some good advice!

  2. Jen

    Mine should get here tomorrow. So thankful for Amazon preorder! I miss the days of our local book store getting the books and calling when it arrived. Then going to pick it up and browsing all the other books. But that chapter closed so now I depend on Amazon.

    Love the advice from your girls. Kids and especially girls are the best! They make me smile and laugh!

    Enjoy tomorrow!

  3. Meg

    So exciting! I’m about halfway through the book right now, and I say this quite honestly: I’m loving it. It’s so … you. And I mean that in the best way. Observant, reflective, poignant, atmospheric. I’ve been stealing a few pages here and there while the baby naps, and I always look forward to settling him down so I can settle back in. So happy for you!

    Also, this is wonderful advice that applies to most situations: “Look in the mirror and make muscles to remember how strong you are!” <3

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