What is this place?

This is a blog. I’m still not quite sure what a blog is, metaphysically speaking, but alas. I started blogging in April of 2009 after inking my first book deal. I plunged into this world largely blind, but was quick to fall madly in love with this elusive medium. While initially motivated to build an audience for future books, I realized – and fast – that I cherished having a corner to come and be vulnerable about my insecurities/inspirations as a mother/person/writer.

If you are looking for consistency, this is probably not the place for you.

The one and only thing that connects my posts is that they are written by me and they bear some importance to me. You will notice (and perhaps be dismayed by the fact) that my writing here spans from the very serious to the very silly. One day I might write about mortality and grief and anxiety and the next, I might wax poetic about some insipid reality television program. To me, that’s life. Some days are gritty and gray; some are rainbow sparkly things.

I write about Life, Love & Writing.

I write about life. My life, and life in general. I am particularly fond of asking enormous existential questions. When I was ten and on a plane with Dad, I turned to him and asked: What is the self? I have not stopped asking big questions in the two decades since. Life, for me, includes: the day-to-day, questions of health & happiness, philosophical inquiries about meaning and mortality.

I write about love. Marital love. Parental love. Familial love. Professional love. Geographical love. Existential love. Reality TV love. For me, love includes: discussions of relationships, sexuality, parenthood, passion. In essence, many of my blog posts are love letters. To my creatures. To my characters. To my questions

I write about writing. What it’s like to fill the nooks and crannies of my busy days as a mother with words? What it’s like to process my days by writing about them. How one can transcend blocks and create? I love reading books about writing, and learning how other writers do it. I am endlessly fascinated by the habits of fellow writers.

Ivy League Insecurities.

Ivy League Insecurities continues to be the heart of this blog. This category contains all content from my original ILI blog. This is where I write about my day-to-day (Daily Grind) and muse about Life, Love and Writing. To read my Ivy League Insecurities posts, click here.

A Year Without Wine.

A Year Without Wine is my (alternately eye-opening and miserable) one-year experiment in living life without booze. I tell stories about my dry days and my drinking days, about the lessons I have learned since January 16, 2012. To read my A Year Without Wine posts, click here.


My grand plan is to write books. Yes, plural. To date, I have published one novel of which I am unflinchingly proud. It’s called LIFE AFTER YES. I am working on my second novel and have dreams to pen more novels, a memoir or two, and maybe, one day, screenplays. The posts in this category are about my publishing experience, the ups and downs (and, yes, insecurities) of the writing life, and the joys of the reading life. To read my Books posts, click here.


I adore quotes. For me, a good quote is like candy. Yum. I hoard quotes on Life, Love, and Writing and I come up with my own “wordy bits.” To sift through my collection of quotes, click here.


I have fallen in love with taking pictures. On a given day, I probably take about 50 pictures of my creatures and my city. Indulging in photography keeps me alert and aware and helps me notice details of the world in which I live. To check out my gallery of glimpses, click here.

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